We are very proud of our fees. We know that you may find higher or lower fees, but we feel our fees reflect the quality of our service. Our fees have been established according to sound business principles:

  • the cost of providing the service
  • the care, skill and judgment required for the treatment
  • the value of the service to the client

Financial arrangements are made before treatment begins. As a matter of practice philosophy, we do not want a fee to prevent the desired treatment; therefore, we work with you to establish a payment plan that "works" for both parties. There is no interest or carrying charge made on payments for accounts kept currents. Please call us if a revised payment plan would be helpful.

For your convenience we accept Visa and MasterCard.  We offer flexible in-house payment options.  We also offer discounts for payment in full at the start of treatment and multiple family members in treatment.

The fees we charge for our services are the same for all clients regardless of orthodontic coverage. We will be glad to help you maximize your insurance benefits by assisting you in completing the forms required by your insurance carrier.

Our office policy is based on the fact that your insurance involves a legal contract between you and your insurance company or union. Our office is not a party to that contract. Therefore, we choose not to accept assignment of benefits. Any benefit from your insurance company should come directly to you. You are financially responsible to our office for all services rendered regardless of the insurance payment schedule of your insurance company or union. We want you to get ALL of the insurance money due to you and we have found this to be the best method to accomplish this. If any payment is not received by you which is due from the carrier, you have the most effective place to go for assistance-your personnel manager or benefits manager, because your company pays the premium. This individual controls which insurance company will administer the insurance and gives him/her a great deal of influence with the insurance company. Insurance money going to you is in your best interest. With the above understanding, our relationship continues to be unaltered by third party involvement.